How to Prevent Major Repairs

A Strong running air conditioning system will provide the customer peace of mind, whereas the marginally running units can be real headaches.  The repairs for central air units can be expensive. But, when it comes to your comfort, do you really have a choice? Here are some good tips to show you how keep your air conditioner well-maintained to prevent major problems down the road.

If you really want to avoid paying for expensive unnecessary repairs, it helps to be knowledgeable about your air conditioner. At a very minimum you should know the make and model of your air conditioning central unit.  It would also be helpful to have access to any previous repair history to provide the ac repair contractor.

When you are raking leaves or mowing the grass, you should avoid getting grass or leaves near the ac unit, as it can clog the unit up and greatly affect it’s performance.

Debris from your lawn can also cause damage to your system. Keeping your air conditioner clean is necessary so that it runs at its optimum efficiency.  A fan that has any obstructions can cause a lot of headaches.

Many people avoid having regular maintenance on their unit because because they look at it as an unnecessary expense.  However, having it serviced and checked for worn parts and having it lubricated can often save you from major repairs or even having to replace your central air unit.

Hire a reputable air conditioner repair contractor. It always pays to do a little research on a company, before throwing any money down on repairs. Check their online reviews or check with the BBB.

Getting double-paned windows is always a good idea. Your air conditioner will not have to work as hard as the house should be cooler.  This will save you on your utility bill and it will also extend the life of the unit.

Keep energy costs from rising by having your system serviced annually. This inspection will ensure that your unit is working efficiently, including a freon level and motor check, and oiling moving parts. This ensures your system runs smoothly.